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Where'd I go?

My posts, for what they're worth, have mostly gone to either paper-tiger.org (where family-friendly stuff appears) or facebook (where family-and-public stuff appears) and so if you're wondering what happened to me, it's that.... Honestly, it doesn't seem like a majority of those I care about use livejournal anymore, and I don't have a good equivalency. I am going to do what I can to keep up, but we'll see where it goes. I don't necessarily trust the medium anymore, but I'm unwilling to completely abandon 10+ years of backlog. I have the account, and finally (ironically) the username I love, but it's useless without the hits. And thus.....
When I have found a solution, I'll post it here. Until then, my public, relatively family-friendly blog is at paper-tiger.org. (And if you really love facebook, I am Molly Kelley or as linked above, but unless you message me and tell me who you are, I'm unlikely to message back[LJ friends are a definite exception if you identify yourself!!].)

Spring Cleaning Notice

As time has progressed, my entries have become more personal and my friends-list full of people who have seemingly disappeared or were added during a more public time in my life. As so many of my friends have done, I've decided it is time for a little spring cleaning. Certain active people, RL people and known (and dear!) lurkers will be automatically spared. :)
If you're still reading/lurking and I take you off by mistake, I apologize - please just let me know with a comment or message, and I will re-add you. Please don't take it personally. :(
Thank you!



Friend-Sealed for Your Protection

I hate to do this - it bothers me to be surfing LJ and find a blank journal. However, a variety of issues have surfaced requiring that this journal now be friends-only.
I'm still interested in meeting and reading about new people, though!

Friend me, and I will friend you back.
Just leave a comment on this entry so I'll know that you did.

Comments have been screened, so don't be afraid to speak up. :D



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